This Week in Raptr: Join our Extra Life Team, Rewards, Game Detections, Community Highlights

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Join our Extra Life team

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We’re a few weeks away from the kickoff of our Extra Life charity stream on October 24-25. Get pumped, because our current list of guest streamers include the folks at Q-Games with Nom Nom Galaxy, Double Fine with Massive Chalice, 17-Bit with Galak Z, Capy with Below, Hinterland Games with The Long Dark, Hi-Rez with Smite, The Behemoth with Game 4, Bethesda with The Evil Within, Campo Santo with Firewatch, with World of Speed, Skyforge, and Armored Warfare, Devolver Digital, Kixeye with TOME, En Masse showing new content in TERA and ZMR, Robot Entertainement with Orcs Must Die! Unchained, The Internet’s Jeff Green, and more!

There will be tons of contests and giveaways during our Extra Life charity stream, so get a head start on the action and join our team now.

Want to pimp out your gaming rig, but don’t have the extra cash to buy some pretty awesome parts? Why not enter one or all of our hardware sweepstakes for a chance to win AMD goodies?

If you’re interested in our other sweepstakes, including a chance to win a Raptr plushie, check out our Rewards Store here.

Game Detections Release for 9/26/2014
We’ve got new game detections for Gauntlet, Defense Grid 2, Counter-Strike Nexon: Zombies, Schrodingers Cat, and more! For a full list of our latest game detections, check out this post here.

Community Highlights
It landed on me by achelos1
If you’re going to shoot down an enemy chopper, make sure you’re far from it as it crashes. Otherwise, well, Raptr member’s achelos1 ArmA II Instant Replay shows you just what will happen.

Ezio the pole dancer by dyedfire
Assassin’s Creed II’s Ezio is a master assassin and pole dancer? Take a look at this rather peculiar glitch.

Wilhelm goat scream by n00j
There are just some video games with wacky Easter Eggs, like this Wasteland 2 Wilhelm goat scream. If you’ve run into any weird Easter Eggs, share with us in the comments below!

Ninja backstab by MrWisest
Battlefield 4 may be known for collapsing buildings and major explosions, but it also features ninja backstab moves as shown by Raptr member’s MrWisest’s Instant Replay.