This Week in Raptr: Join Raptr’s Extra Life Team!

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We’ve got new details about our upcoming Extra Life plans! Read on to see what you can look forward to during Extra Life — guest streamers, an Instant Replay contest, and more — with This Week in Raptr!

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We’re just three weeks away from the Extra Life’s big streaming marathon weekend, and we’ve got some announcements to make. Not only do we have a dream line-up of developer guests (including BioWare, The Behemoth, Capy, Double Fine, and many more) taking over the Raptr Twitch channel on 10/24 and 10/25, but we’ve partnered with AMD, CyberPowerPC, XFX, and Gigabyte to offer Extra Life participants and donors some amazing incentives for getting involved.

Like…a complete gaming PC to the lucky winner of our upcoming #ExtraLife2014 Instant Replay Event, multiple AMD Radeon R9 290X GPUs for Raptr Extra Life Team members to earn/win, and dozens of Never Settle Space Edition codes!

For more info, check out our Extra Life announcement,  and join our Extra Life Team today!

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Game Detections for 10/3/2014
Our newest batch of game detections includes Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor, Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, Falling Skies: The Game, and more Humble Bundle gems such as Broken Age.

For a full list of our latest game detections, check out this post here.

Community Highlights
Mercury? Not so fast by xcessivesamurai
Mercury may be a swift Smite god, but even he can’t escape his half-brother Apollo in this Instant Replay.

Fight! Fight! Fight!….Run! Run! Run! by xkillfrenzyx
Knowing when to retreat is simple strategy, but a girlish scream like this can’t be learned.

No! Eject! Eject! by p5ychonaut
Falling into a pit while you’re in your Titan doesn’t mean you’ve met your end. Just eject, and jump a whole lot. Better yet, take a look at Raptr member’s p5ychonaut Instant Replay to see how it’s done.

Determined Kali by enterhome
Some kills just aren’t worth it, especially when you storm into the enemy base trying to get what you think is a “quick and easy” kill.

Insert Teemo laugh here by llolled
Those dang League of Legends Teemo mushrooms are brutal…unless you’re playing as him and set up an inescapable trap for your enemies.

Big Boom by jamtots
Nothing clears a Middle-earth battlefield of Orcs faster than a big ol’ explosion.