This Week in Raptr: Just Cause 3 and R6: Siege Detections, Plays of the Week

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Here’s what’s new for Raptr and this week!

Game Detections
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege
Just Cause 3
Might & Magic Heroes Online
Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul
Legend of Dungeon: Masters
Carpe Diem
I must kill…: Fresh Meat
RWBY: Grimm Eclipse
Guardians of Orion
Adventure Time: Finn and Jake Investigations
Sphere III: Enchanted World
Dragomon Hunter
Immortal Empire
DARIUSBURST Chronicle Saviours
Dr. Langeskov, The Tiger, and The Terribly Cursed Emerald: A Whirlwind Heist

#CSGOPlays Event: Dragon Lore Winners
The four winners of our Dragon Lore giveaway have been chosen! Congrats to ThijsGGGeT_SchWiFtYPhyxiuz, and goldi23ohyeah! For more details, check out our #CSGOPlays winner announcement post.

Top 5 Plays of the Week
It’s time to say farewell to November with five awesome #PlaysOfTheWeek for you all!

How to play dirty by earthnuts
We’re fairly certain it’s considered a foul to tackle the goalie in soccer, but thankfully the referees in #RocketLeague don’t seem to mind!

The Genji plays by PhreakTheMighty
In true ninja fashion, Genji shows us how to feign death and use Roadhog’s knockback against him to achieve victory in #Overwatch video, we did.

Don’t forget your Observer by SavioR11
Don’t you hate it when you get your Protoss army all set up, only to realize you forgot your Observer at home? A #Starcraft2 lesson for the ages.

Zap + cool play by Stixxay
Lucian hops on the Thresh train in this cool #LeagueOfLegends play (by the Stixxay of CLG). The happy little sound effect at the end is a nice touch too!

Towerdives featuring Ashe by BlissfulVibez
Ashe holds on by a thread with well-timed level ups and heals to turn the tide on her unlucky attackers.


Most played games of October please =)


Where are the most played Games of October?