This Week in Raptr: Last chance to enter our Defiance and Smite Instant Replay events!

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Welcome to This Week in Raptr, our recap of the latest and greatest in Raptr’s events, community highlights, and more!

Win Defiance Hunter and Recruit Packs


Ark Hunters — we’re still dropping 100 Recruit Packs and 10 Hunter Packs in our latest Instant Replay event. Make sure you share your best or worst Defiance moments with us.

For more details on how you can score some loot, check out our event page here.

#SmiteAlmighty2014 Instant Replay Contest


We’ve got a week left to our #SmiteAlmighty2014 contest. Keep submitting your Instant Replay videos for a chance to win 2500 gems!

You can check out more contest details as well as those who’ve won already here.

Join our Extra Life team


We’ll be joined by special guests from Q-Games, The Behemoth with Game 4, Bethesda with The Evil Within, Hi-Rez with Smite, Hinterland Games with The Long Dark, 17-Bit with Galak-Z, Capy showing Below, Double Fine with Massive Chalice, Campo Santo with Firewatch, and much more for our upcoming Extra Life Charity stream. While we’re still working on putting together a prize list for participants and donators, you can get a head start now.

Visit our Extra Life Team page for more info and join our team.

Game Detections

Our latest game detections include Fable Anniversary, RECYCLE, Worlds of Magic, and more Humble Bundle packs. For a complete list of our newest detections, checkhere.

Community Highlights
Flying dropkick by demonskunk
Dropkicks in Titanfall are pretty damn hilarious, but when you do a flying dropkick, it’s pure entertainment. Take a look at Raptr member’s demonskunk’s high flying Instant Replay.

Thought you were gonna run me over, huh? by hatesreverance
There are so many ways die in Battlefield 4, but Raptr member hatesreverance escapes death-by-bulldozer thanks to some good ol’ C4.

The hero of Dranglaic by demonskunk
Dark Souls II is one of the hardest games you can play, but possibly the toughest enemy you go up against is yourself. Watch as Raptr member demonskunk loses his balance in his Instant Replay.

Texting and driving is bad by mcj108
Raptr member mcj108 shows just why you shouldn’t text and drive in Watch Dogs (and in real life).

Dance dance dance by armmadon
Watch as Raptr member armmadon does a little tower dance with his buddies in Firefall.