This Week in Raptr: Launch of Game Video Recorder, #Hashtags, Firefall Reward, and more!

1 Posted by - July 28, 2014 - About Us, Announcements, Community

It’s a big week for us — our GVR gameplay capture feature just debuted! Restart your Raptr client to get the update.

Firefall Reward Now Available!


In celebration of the release of Firefall, Raptr and Red 5 Studios have joined forces to offer 10 Digital Deluxe Editions — a $99.99 value! Check out the reward here!

Firefall is one of the most highly anticipated MMOs to come out this year. We at Raptr are huge fans of the game, and we give it a hearty recommendation to any gamer looking for a unique and dynamic MMO experience.

Each Digital Deluxe Edition contains an exclusive 2-person vehicle, warpaint, 90 days of VIP membership, all Advanced Battleframes, Soundtrack, artbook, and two exclusive in-game titles.

For more details on the game, go here!

It’s here: Game Video Recorder (GVR)


Pics or it didn’t happen? How about a video? We’ve leveled up our Raptr client to include GVR, which lets you continuously record your gameplay, save clips of your highlights, and supports stop/start recording as well. GVR uses hardware encoding on modern GPUs (AMD + nVidia) so that you’ll have nearly no performance impact while recording. Read more about how GVR works here.

But wait, there’s more. Since you can continuously record your gameplay with GVR, we’ve added Instant Replays, which allow you to quickly save the last 15 seconds of your gameplay and easily share your awesome gaming moments with the community. For a quick how-to on Instant Replays, check this post here.

To help people quickly find video clips of the games they’re interested in, we’ve also added hashtags to Raptr. Read more about hashtags here.

Join Raptr’s Extra Life 2014 Team
We’re currently recruiting gamers looking to play for a good cause, while also earning some pretty cool stuff. You can join our Extra Life team now and help us reach our goal! We’ll update our Extra Life page as more details become available with special guest streamers, partners, and the prizes you can win just by helping out the Children’s Hospital Network.

The official streaming marathon starts in October, but you can check out the Raptr team page now here.

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Game Detections
Our latest game detections include Dungeon Defenders Eternity, Dark Horizons, Mechanized Corps, and a few more gaming gems. For a full list of all our newest game detections, check out this post here.

Community Highlights
Surprise! by Axl La Praik
League of Legends is a team game, and Raptr member Axl La Praik shows off why, even if the teammate is his own Shaco clone.

Triple MAV Kill by Yuki Sorrelwood
One of the best things about Battlefield 4 is the amount of vehicles you’re capable of controlling and the explosions they deliver. Take a look at Raptr member Yuki Sorrelwood as he gets a triple kill while in the air.

Battlefield 4 quickscope double headshot kill by Yuki Sorrelwood
Raptr member Yuki Sorrelwood’s Battlefield gameplay is so awesome, we just had to share another video of his. This time around, he gets a quickscope double headshot kill that ends with a third pistol kill. Check it out.

Banana takedown by omgbeeswtf
Raptr member omgbeeswtf shows off a rather creepy look at the deadly banana takedown in Mario Kart 8.

League of Legends Yasuo pentakill by DodoLada
Pushed up against their nexus, it wasn’t looking good for Raptr member’s DodoLada’s League of Legends team. That is, until he turned on beast mode and scored an epic pentakill with Yasuo.