This Week in Raptr: MMORPG’s Path of Exile Video Event, Game Detections, Top Plays

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Path of Exile: The Awakening Video Event

In honor of the release of Path of Exile’s The Awakening, Grinding Gear Games and have teamed up to do a month-long video event on where they will give away $4000 worth of PoE goodies! Just share one or more video highlights from Path of Exile on (hashtag #MMORPG4POE) and/or “like” PoE videos during the event to enter!

For more details on how you can win, check out the announcement post over at

Game Detection Release for 7/1015
F1 2015, Rocket League, and Spectra are part of our latest detections. For a full list of the newest additions, check here.

Top 5 Plays of the Week
Here’s another helping of our Top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek!

I just wanted the tow truck by MaterialDeer

Watch this #GTAV clip where things never stop escalating.

The turnaround by Bjergsen

If you want to see an epic #LeagueOfLegends play, check out this video from TSM’s Bjergsen (language though).

Rudely interrupted by steelrazor

Make sure you look both ways in #BatmanArkhamKnight before launching into your interior monologue/plot exposition

How to land on a truck by CaptainCreeperHA

The greatest unplanned landing ever in #FarCry4.

Ace by evolons

Smoke and lots of bullets are the keys to success in #CSGO.