This Week in Raptr: Most Played, Join Raptr’s Extra Life Team, Raptr Rewards, Community Highlights

1 Posted by - September 22, 2014 - About Us, Announcements, Community

Catch up on the latest in Raptr’s contests, events, and more with This Week in Raptr!

Most Played PC Games: August 2014


Our Most Played PC Games for August went out last week! Read about how eSports affected the gaming landscape in August here.

Join Raptr’s Extra Life Team

Extra Life Logo_Blue

We’ve updated our Extra Life team page with our guest streamers that include the folks at Q-Games with Nom Nom Galaxy, Double Fine with Massive Chalice, 17-Bit with Galak Z, Capy with Below, Hinterland Games with The Long Dark, Hi-Rez with Smite, The Behemoth with Game 4, Bethesda with The Evil Within, Campo Santo with Firewatch, with World of Speed, Skyforge, and Armored Warfare, Devolver Digital, Kixeye with TOME, En Masse showing new content in TERA and ZMR, Robot Entertainement with Orcs Must Die! Unchained, The Internet’s Jeff Green, and more!! We’ll update the page with the prize list soon as well, but you can get a head start and join our team now!

For more details, check out the team page here.

Smite Instant Replay Event
Today’s your final day to get your best Smite Instant Replays in! Our favorites get 2500 gems! You can download the Raptr client here and start submitted your entries now.

Interested in who won so far? Check out the current winners list here.

Defiance Instant Replay Event
Defiance’s Instant Replay Event also ends today! Share with us your favorite clips for a chance to win Recruit Packs and Hunter Packs.

For more contest details, take a look at the contest page here.

Raptr Rewards
The XFX Sweepstakes is back — stop by our Raptr Rewards Store and enter to win not just hardware goodies from AMD, but free games as well!

Game Detections
We’ve got new detections for Baldur’s Gate Enhanced Edition, Train Simulator 2015, Wakfu, and more! For a full list of our latest additions, check out this post here.

Community Highlights
Xbalanque is a cold-blooded killer by BillyMaysss
Smite’s Xbalanque is one bad-ass Aztec assassin. Watch as Raptr member BillyMaysss shows us just how destructive Xbalanque can be.

Out of bullets, have it! by bOingball
Raptr member bOingball runs out of bullets in his rifle, but acts quickly to score a long shot kill. Take a look at his moment of panic and success in Battlefield 4.

Boomer and Hunter mid-air kills by sirhankey
Facing the zombie apocalypse is no big deal to Raptr member sirhankey as he takes out both a Left 4 Dead 2 Boomer and Hunter as they try to attack from the air.

Falling through the ship by Rio Ishi
Fighting on a moving ship is hard enough in Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag, especially when your assassin “falls” through the ship. Check out this rather entertaining clip by Rio Ishi.

Ziggs, not ascended but might as well be! by H3LLHER0
Raptr member H3LLHER0 remains victorious after his League of Legends foes try to take him down. Watch along as he maneuvers his way to a triple kill.

Always look both ways for traffic kids… by achelos1
Reviving a teammate on the battlefield while a tank is coming towards you probably isn’t the smartest move. See Raptr member’s achelos1 and his friend’s follies in this ARMA II Instant Replay.