This Week in Raptr: Official Launch, Featured Gamers, Game Detections, Plays of the Week

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Curious about the going-ons with Raptr and We’ve got you covered with This Week in Raptr!

Announcing the Official Launch of
We’ve just officially launched, your new home for gameplay videos! Be part of a community that celebrates the pro in all of us. Relive the gaming highs and lows of other gamers victories and defeat. Or show off your epic kills or fails with

For more info of our latest launch, check out this post here.

Game Detections 3/27/2015
Our newest game detections include Pillars of Eternity, Etherium, and Adventures of Pip. For a full list of our latest detections, check here.

Featured Gamers on
Raptr and members! Want your best videos to be seen by the world? Not sure of the right way to go about it? Just submit your favorite videos to and fill out your bio; you could land a spot as a Featured Gamer!

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Keep quick tabs on on Twitter @OfficialPlaysTV and on Facebook! You can also check out Raptr on Twitter @Raptr and Facebook!

Top 5 Plays of the Week
Here’s this week’s top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek as chosen by staffers.

Improved animal AI by DayZESPORTS
Based on this #DayZ clip, in Soviet Chernarus, goat herd you!

This boomerang is getting the job done by cameron_kc
Australia may be home to the most deadly of beasts, but at least Aussies have the all-powerful boomerang! See it in action in #HowToSurvive.

If Michael Bay went bowling by jaeseoul
What do you get when you mix Michael Bay and #Besiege? We imagine something like this.

That Janus damage though by ShadowNightmare
’s Janus is no doubt powerful, even when he isn’t in the same frame as his foes!

Takes the term “lazy afternoon drive” to a whole new level by yukisorrelwood5
Just sit back and relax as you watch this #BattlefieldHardline highlight.