This Week in Raptr: Raptr and Intel, Popular Games, Top 5 Plays of the Week

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Take a look at what’s happening in Raptr and with This Week in Raptr!

Raptr and Intel Alliance

If you didn’t catch the news during last week’s GDC, we’re happy to announce that Raptr has teamed up with Intel to improve your PC gaming experience!

Our collaboration with Intel will provide PC gamers worldwide who are playing on Intel Graphics-based personal computers with a suite of lightweight, powerful tools for improving the performance of their gaming hardware and software.

Read more about our collaboration here.

Popular Games on
#LeagueOfLegends, #BF4, and #Smite are among our top games on Want to see some of your favorite games on the top of the list? Keep submitting your videos and show the world what games they’re missing out on!

Top 5 Plays of the Week
Here are this week’s top 5 #PlaysOfTheWeek as chosen by staffers!

Ares to the rescue! by lemp

Proof that #Smite’s Gods of War, Ares and Bellona, work best together.

Wow, he really messed me up… by AvergaeGuyGamer

If you’re going to talk the talk in #FalloutNewVegas, make sure you have the high-level powered armor and weapons to back it up.

Get juked by Zinata

is host to incredibly vicious animals as well as some clever beasts. Watch this daring escape that has you thinking it could be a big play from #LeagueOfLegends.

Just a scratch by RedBull108

Hopefully the bridges in #BridgeProject won’t ever be constructed in real life, otherwise we’ll all be singing, “London Bridge is falling down…falling down”.

So that’s how houses are born by iNonEntity

They say not to throw rocks at glass houses, but in #CallOfDutyAdvancedWarfare, you shouldn’t stand under them as well.

logo mats
logo mats

That old axiom isn’t accurate anymore, though. And a deep, newly announced partnership between Intel and Raptr aims to help gamers with modest PCs squeeze every possible ounce of power out of Intel's better-than-you-think graphics, using Raptr's tried-and-tested optimization technology. The hookup also brings additional headache-relieving, game-enhancing features to the hundreds of millions of people using PCs with Intel integrated graphics.