This Week in Raptr: Smite and Kerbal Space Program Rewards, Extra Life, Play With the Community, Video Highlights!

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Smite and Kerbal Space Program join Raptr Rewards


The gods of Smite have taken over Raptr with Rewards for 200 gems, 400 gems, and the Huntsman Odin skin. Start earning reward points and claim your prizes now.

If you’re looking for an out-of-this-world game to play, try your luck and enter our Kerbal Space Program sweepstakes. We’re selecting two winners a day. For more info, check here.

Make sure you stop by the Raptr Rewards Store to see what you can spend your RP on.

Join Raptr’s Extra Life 2014 Team

dinodoctorWe’re currently recruiting gamers looking to play for a good cause, while also earning some pretty cool stuff. You can join our Extra Life team now and start helping us exceed our goals! We’ll update our Extra Life page as more details become available with special guest streamers, partners, and the prizes you can win just by helping out the Children’s Hospital Network.

The official streaming marathon starts in October, but you can check out the Raptr team page now here.

Raptr Community Round-Up
Grab some fellow Raptr dinos and have a party in your favorite games. Check out our official community round-up posts for the games listed below:

BattleBlock Theater
Battlefield 4
Blacklight Retribution
League of Legends
Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare
StarCraft II
Watch Dogs

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Game Detections for 7/18/2014
Our latest game detections are in and this time around, we’ve got gems that include Magic 2015, The Elder Scrolls Online, Deponia: The Complete Journey, and uhm, Sakura Spirit.

For the full list of recent game detections, check out this post here.

Community Highlights
Dark Souls 2 — Calm your tits, Sir by FrozEdd
Dark Souls 2 may be one of the most frustrating games out there right now, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have some fun. Take a look at Raptr member FrozEdd’s video of a very lively corpse.

League of Legends Ace by iamedd
Matches in League of Legends can change in a matter of seconds, and Raptr member iamedd shows off just how quickly, thanks to a bit of teamwork.

Light Machine Gun rampage by EXOTIICxSWAGG
Holding the trigger down and hoping for the best isn’t exactly the best thing to do in shooters. Thanks to Raptr member EXOTIICxSWAGG, he shows us trigger happy gamers how to use the heavy weapon in Battlefield 4.

Fun with satchel charges by mokgrok
Raptr member mokgrok brings some satchel charges to gun fights in Titanfall. Sure, it may not be an even battle, but the results are pretty hilarious.

It’s not easy firing a RPG at point blank and surviving, but Raptr member EXOTIICxSWAGG does it with ease all while driving a quad bike in Battlefield 4.