This Week in Raptr: Watch Dogs 5 Word Review Contest, New Game Detections, Community Highlights

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Watch Dogs Five Word Review Contest

Join the resistance — share your five-word reviews of Watch Dogs!

We want to hear your (brief) thoughts on Aiden Pearce’s struggle with The Man. Make your reviews count — the best one will win 1000 RP!

More details here.

Game Detection Release for 5/23/14
More game detections are now available! Steam tracking is available for Wolfenstein: The New Order, Transistor, Tropico 5, and many more!

Check out the full list check here.

Spring Theme Contest needs your beautification help! Create a custom background for the site for a chance to win 750 Reward Points for each theme we use!

For more details, check out the contest post here.

Community Highlights
What are some ways you would improve Dark Souls II? by BoSolaris
Dark Souls II has sold more than a million copies to date, but fans like BoSolaris feel Bandai Namco’s monster-fighting jaunt could be better. How would you improve the game?

Can playing video games be considered a sport? by Prying Open My 3rd Eye
Could your favorite video games be the next big thing on ESPN? Prying Open My 3rd Eye takes a look at this viability of eSports, weighing on both sides of the issue.

I just got an Xbox One! Help me choose some games by Xdeath2UX
What’s a video game console without games? Xdeath2UX just got himself a shiny new Xbox One and he’s looking to build a library — what titles would you recommend?

Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare and Titanfall are actually surprisingly similar by Nomed
Does fighting off a zombie horde compare to blowing up a Titan? Nomed sure thinks so. See how he feels Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare compares to Titanfall in his review.