This Week in Raptr: World of Tanks Q&A, Raptr Client updates, game detections, Community Highlights, and more

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Welcome to this week’s edition of This Week in Raptr, where we bring you the latest in our Q&As, contests, events, and more!

Raptr Q&A: World of Tanks
World of Tanks Update 9.0: New Frontiers has just launched, and members of the Wargaming team will helm the Raptr Q&A wheel on Friday, April 25, from 10AM to 5PM PDT to talk about World of Tanks, new content in 9.0, and how the game will change in 2014.


Submit your questions now, and make them count! The team is giving away one World of Tanks $25 gift card and five World of Tanks Gold Codes for 1,500 along with 500 Reward Points to the top questions asked.

Raptr/AMD Gaming Evolved update: Major Twitch streaming improvements


Your Twitch streaming experience in the Raptr and AMD Gaming Evolved clients just got way better — we’ve added new options to help you control your bitrate, framerate, camera, audio, and more! If you’re new to streaming, our default settings will get you up and running, but if you want to tweak your settings, add a webcam feed, etc., you can do it too.

Read all about the new improvements in this post here.

Dark Souls II Epitaphs
Our Dark Souls II Epitaphs contest isn’t quite dead yet. Get your character’s tombstone engraved with your saddest, funniest, and utterly bizarre final words for a chance to win 1000 Reward Points.

Spring Theme Contest
Gamers! Artists! MS Paint enthusiasts and the people who love them! Raptr’s looking for some new Raptr themes that will make member dashboards shine! Not sure what themes are? They’re the customizable backgrounds you can apply to!


Show your skills and submit your entries now in our contest post here for a chance to win 750 Reward Points for each theme we use!

Game Detections 4/18/2014
We’ve got more game detections for you, including The LEGO Movie Videogame, Volt, and Lost Civilization. Our game detection list continues to grow weekly, so make sure you check in to see what titles we’re adding to our ever growing gaming catalog. For a complete list of our latest Raptr client detections, check out this post here.

Community Highlights
Do you think another MOBA will challenge League of Legends?
by XD_Jordan_XD
League of Legends has ruled the MOBA-sphere since its release and it seems like nothing has come close to challenging the beast. Raptr member XD Jordan XD believes that eSports have elevated Riot’s game to such a height that no other MOBA can knock it down. Do you share the same sentiments?

Warframe: Your opinion on new update and Melee 2.0 by animaster
Warframe’s latest update just released and includes “Melee 2.0,” which brings more entertainment and incentive to use melee weapons. Raptr member animaster wants to know, what are your thoughts on Warframe’s updates?

PlanetSide 2: Pay to win knife? by Zubito
Raptr member Zubito speculates on possible upcoming changes to knives in PlanetSide 2 and SOE may look to extract cash from players hoping to remain at their current level of close-quarter effectiveness. It’s not set in stone yet, but Zubito wants to know how you feel about this speculation.

Do you hide your nerd side? by Simplicit
While Raptr member Simplicit isn’t ashamed to show off her nerdiness, she has noticed people straying away from doing things like posting screenshots of their Guild Wars 2 gaming habits and talking about pop culture in general. She’s curious to know, do you have two personalities when it comes to your online gaming life and real life, or do you just not care?