Tips and Tricks: Chatting With Friends On XBL With Raptr

0 Posted by - July 23, 2009 - How to Raptr

You’re not at your 360, but you want to chat with your friends playing on XBL. Raptr can help and here’s how:

Step 1: Sign into Raptr with your MSN account linked (if you don’t have an MSN account, you have to make one; you also have to connect your Xbox Live account to your MSN – guide here)

Step 2: Your friend logs into MSN messenger on Xbox Live (your friend has to have their Xbox Live account connected to MSN. Don’t know how? It’s on that same guide here)

Step 2.5: If you two aren’t friends on MSN messenger, one of you just has to invite/add the other using the email associated with your Xbox Live account/MSN account.

Step 2.75: Accept friend request.

Step 3: You see each other online and start chatting!