5 killer tips on how to post on Raptr and get more fans!

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Just because we made it so easy for you to post up a story on Raptr and share with millions of our users doesn’t mean there aren’t tips and tricks to getting your story highlighted to more people. Our tips are designed to improve your results by more than 100%, based on data we seen on our site! You’ll get more click-throughs to your story, more comments, and more votes!

1) Tagging topics

DO tag accurately! Our topic system is pretty smart. Put in Gears of War 3 and we’ll auto tag all the associated topics: Xbox, shooter, etc. We’ll also suggest it to other Raptr members who like similar things such as Call of Duty or Dead Space. This will ensure that people who want to see your post will vote on it, and people who aren’t interested in it won’t. Typically, every game is auto associated with a genre, a platform, publisher and developer, so you can at least safely assume you don’t need to add these into your topics on your own.

DON’T tag all the topics under the sun. Because of our smart topic system, tagging your game to too many topics not only wastes your time, it also can ruin your reputation. All those people that felt like you are topic spamming will vote you down, or even worse, report you.  Too many downvotes and reports, and the visibility of your future posts will be severely limited. In other words, you might see a quick short term pop in views for your submission, but it can quickly turn into a situation where you won’t see any afterwards.

2) Duplicate Posting

DO post original stuff! It’s amazing how many great angles there are to a story out on the net. Some sites do a better job than others in reporting, and we want to reward these sites with more new fans. So help us find the best stuff and vote it up.

DON’T post something that has already been covered. While we currently allow you to submit similar stories from different sites, we highly discourage you from posting up stuff that has already been covered on Raptr already. Our system is designed to gradually reduce redundant posts, so if too much of the same type of story shows up, your post may get affected.

3) Headlines

DO change up the headline! While our system will auto add in the headline from the story, you want to make sure you change up the headline to be more original. It can double your traffic! “Guild Wars 2 lives up to expectation – Exclusive Review!” is a lot more interesting than “Guild Wars 2 review.” More importantly, original headlines will also help your SEO (Search Engine Optimization – how easily your stuff is found in search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing), which means your story will be more popular! Make sure you include the name of the game, and what the article is about in the headline. Can’t believe how many people forget this…

DON’T write personal opinion or vague headlines. “OMG I hate this review” not only adds tons of personal opinion, but also gives no indication for what game or gear you’re talking about. Which means fewer people tend to click on stuff. Sure the shock value is there initially, but our community tends to vote down on headlines that are overly opinionated, vague, and fanboyish.

4) Post Summary

DO put in your opinion in the summary. This is your place to shine with a personal opinion. Customize this part to reflect your taste in gaming, and provide more details about what the story is about. Spark up a conversation! Raptrs are social creatures – we love to chat. A clever summary can improve conversations for your post by more than 50%.

DON’T leave the summary as default. How boring is that? Many websites use the summary section as a way to stuff in as many SEO words as they can. Nobody wants to see a summary of: “The best Xbox, PS3, Wii gaming news from the internet” in a post. Interesting summaries lead to more viewers!

5) Keep it Fresh!

DO post up timely stories! Raptr users digest gaming news like voracious velociraptor, and demand fresh meat, er, I mean news. Generally news in the last 24 hours tends to hottest. You could stretch it to 72+ hours, but realize that in internet time, that’s old.

DON’T post up stale stories. Going through your whole back catalog of stories and posting them up tends to result in people mass downvoting your submissions. There is one exception to this scenario – When the submission is timeless. We’re talking about a funny video that has stood the test of time. A strategy guide for a game that is tops. Or something to that effect.  Avoid posting up stories that have a quick expiration date, ie. 24 hour deals, unless you tie it to a topic like DEALS.


6) Friends

DO make friends! I’m talking about real friends. The more relevant friends you have, the more likely they will want to share your posting. The Raptr community tends to follow people who contribute great content, so you’ll want to build a great reputation for finding great stories, and the following you develop will be impressive.

DON’T randomly add people. People tend to report on posting and friending activity that they find to be disruptive to Raptr. Yeah, we seen some people try to add hundreds of friends, and then try to spam post. All that does is invite hundreds of people who don’t know you either downvote your stories or to report you. Which then actually hurts you more than helps you.

These tips are designed to help you better understand how our system works. For those new to our site, we hope this results in more people fascinated by your contributions. For those that want to game our system, we hope this helps you understand that if you try to push your stories too hard, it can actually benefit you less. For posting tips, guidelines, and rules, check out The Raptr Manifesto.