Tips and Tricks: Raptr Badge Styles and Customizing Your Profile

0 Posted by - June 22, 2009 - How to Raptr

You probably already know that you can embed your Raptr badge wherever you want. What you might not know is that there are other styles: Forum Signature and Forum Signature small. You can show off your Raptr account at your favorite forums. Just click the orange <Embed> button on your default Raptr badge, select the style you want, and start embedding! Want more styles? Head over to the forums and suggest a design!

Did you know that you can use BBcode in your profile page? You can embed in anything that supports BBcode: gamercards, Friendfeed, Twitter, and hundreds more. Here are some examples of plug-ins users have used:

What are you waiting for? Go customize! We encourage all Raptr members to make their profile unique. Stay tuned for more customizable features!