World of Tanks enters the world of eSports

4 Posted by - February 14, 2013 - Engagement Activities, eSports, News

It looks like another challenger is entering the eSports arena.

The Bularus headquartered announced this week that it is launching its very own eSports league for the company’s signature title, World of Tanks.

Wargaming has put together a prize pool of $2.5 million for the league’s debut season. In this first season, the league will bring together players from all over the world via regional tournaments and playoffs that eventually lead up to the Grand Finals.

Wargaming claims that this move into eSports will help unify the World of Tanks community by stripping away geographic boundaries and giving players a chance to compete with each other on a global stage.

“Running our own eSports league allows us to truly focus on making World of Tanks not only a compelling and challenging eSports discipline, but also one that’s incredibly entertaining for spectators,” said Wargaming’s VP of global operations, Andrei Yarantsau.

Wargaming hopes that this push towards eSports will further rally the fans around World of Tanks, making it more exciting and engaging for the game’s casual and hardcore communities.

Of course, Wargaming is just the latest in a new wave of developers entering the eSports market. Sony and Activision have previously announced plans to support tournament play with a number of their major online titles, and if the extreme popularity of competitive gaming is any indication, we’ll see more studios enter the eSports space in just a matter of time.

For more details on World of Tanks’ eSports league, visit Wargaming’s official website.