Your Raptr feed: The hottest gaming news personalized for you…automagically!

0 Posted by - February 29, 2012 - Announcements, Desktop App/Website Updates, How to Raptr

Raptr just got smarter, and we’re passing the smartness on to you. Since our new gaming rep system (read more about that here) knows what rank you are in a game, we have a pretty good idea of where you are in that game as well. Now, not only will we deliver the hottest news based on what games you play, but we can filter different categories of content based on how far you’ve progressed in a game, your accomplishments, or whether you own the game or not. So out of the thousands of stories posted to Raptr each week, you’ll only see the stuff you care about most!

Here’s how it works — all of our content is categorized, so we know if it’s news, reviews, previews, strategy guides, deals, or just fun gaming culture stuff. Based on your rank, we can figure out what info you’re most interested in right now.

For example, if you’re following a game topic and the title hasn’t come out yet, we’ll find some hot gaming deal so that you can buy it on sale. Or if you just started playing and are at Newbie rank, we’ll find a strategy guide that can help get you on your way. If you’re Elite rank, we’ll show you some fun gaming culture stuff like this crazy machinima-created Skyrim battle video that you can appreciate. It’s automagical.

We serve this news up in several ways. You can view it on your highlights box for your most recently played games, you’ll see the hottest news in your Weekly Gameplay Summary email, and you can get a “growl” via the Raptr desktop app when you just finished play, which will highlight the latest piece of content you might be interested in.

And just in case you’re worried that we won’t have content in our system related to your game of choice — we’re ensuring that over 99% of the games played by Raptr users (based on playtime) get at least one weekly update!